Motivation at work

How to manage motivation ?

The 5 main motivation factors :
  • Ethic : There is a connection with inner values
  • Monetary factors : Important factor of retention to consider 
  • Culture : The quality of relationships and team work have a strong effect on employees
  • Job design : Employees are expecting a job with diversity, autonomy and space to take initiatives
  • Staff training and development : Specific trainings are important to retain staff and manage career development
Discussions and trends :
  • Recognition and flexibility at work are key components to motivate employees 
  • Money is not always the first factor to motivate employees 
  • Employees wish to work more for the meaning of the job
Recommendations :
  • Valorise the contribution to organisational objectives 
  • Show the impact of each staff member
  • Implement a strong integration process for a new staff member (mentorship)
  • Bet on trainings and new challenges (job enlargement and enrichment) 
  • Change your relationship with stress and create new habits

Conclusions :
  • Desire of independence and empowerment must be considered
  • Remember that pleasure to work comes from a connection with inner values
  • Employees expect to gain experience and reach self actualisation
  • Managers have to develop grateful leadership and emotional intelligence skills to engage their teams
  • Bet on coaching, mentorship and professional development to motivate employees' evolution